Welcome at Dioramaworld, the world of miniatures scenes and displays.If you’re interested in dioramas and military history you are in the right place,
for scalemodellers, military re-enactors, musea and collectors.

On this site you’ll find diorama’s and displays made by Marcel Wenzel. Marcel Wenzel has more then 30 years experience in scale modelling dioramas and builts a wide range of theme’s from WW2 to vietnam and the present conflicts, he builts dioramas and displays on request for private collectors and musea worldwide. If you want more information please contact Marcel Wenzel on his e-mail. Have fun and enoy surfing through this site and explore the magnificient Dioramaworld.

  1. Red devils Arnhem sept. 1944
  2. The battle of Kharkov Russia / The cemetery jan. – mar. 1943
  3. The battle of the Coral Sea Bloody atol Tarawa 1942/43
  4. Saguaro desert Arizona Crazy horse
  5. Yabuta vietnam 1968 (work in progress)
  6. Devilswood ww1 german soldier
  7. Streetfight flak
  8. Hue vietnam